Omni Digital Technologies Ltd. was founded in 2015 and has since grown to become an established digital studio. We are fueled by our love for great entertainment, fantastic graphics, and riveting stories. Our talented team works hard to bring our visions to life in order to create one of a kind gaming experiences.

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We Love Tech, We Love Games, We Love Gamers

Where else can you go to work, and spend the day drawing, dreaming, and playing video games?

Here at Omni Digital Technologies (ODT), we encourage our team members to do just that! 

And that’s what keeps us loving what we do, and making really great games.

Located in Portsmouth UK, Omni Digital strives to be the best possible Independent Game Studio it can be.

We love working with different projects, bringing imagination and vision to life.

Although our main focus is computer game development, We also offer;

Motion Graphics, 2D & 3D CGI, Audio Production, Programming Services and Tech Consultation. 

With a vast array of in-house professionals & contractors, we are excited to push the boundaries of technology across any industry and help our clients meet their development deadlines with our stress free and confidential service.

For A Full List Of Our Business Services, Please Download The Document Below:

Omni Digital Technologies Ltd. Business Services 2022 & Contact Information

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There's ton's of great companies, groups and channels out there doing awesome things in the games industry! Here's some of our favorites, that we'd love for you to check out!


Textures.com is a website that offers digital pictures of all sorts of materials. We have textures that can be used for graphic design & computer games.


A full time voice over artist, Bryan Olson records television & radio commercials, eLearning, audiobooks, video games, and more for a global audience.


THE LEGEND BEGINS with Tekforce and Dog Theory combining forces to bring about a new style of creative co-streaming. Come hang out with us Friday nights at 7PM Central on Twitch!

We'll add more great organisations in the future for you to check out and support!


Monarch Studio

We strive to create the best, most unique games possible by harnessing a unique visual style and new, innovative gameplay combinations.

Virtual Vertex

Welcome to Virtual Vertex! Join me on this YouTube adventure where I teach you the basics and how you can work your way into the industry!

Out Of Tune Games

Out Of Tune Games combines the indie creativity of  two programmers brought together by their love of games and backgrounds as musicians