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**This Game Is No Longer Available For Download Via. The Google Play Store, We Will Re-Release This Project In The Future**


Awaken Alone - The Prototype

This original adventure game is a “tip of the cap” to the point and click games of the early 90’s. Adventure game fans will enjoy the classic point and click experience, and the most perceptive players can also experience zen inspired philosophy woven subliminally through the dialogue and puzzles.

Only you can find the missing crew and answer the question of what happened on the Artemis  Agroterra III. Solve puzzles to explore the ship, and figure out why you never made it home. Did 'Lunar Corp.' set the crew up to fail or did something else happen in the far flung reaches of the Milky Way? Piece together the clues and find out how you came to be the sole survivor aboard the floating enigma of the 'Agroterra III' in Awaken Alone. 

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